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Re: Dis-upgrade using apt-get

On 4/25/07, Jeff D <fixedored@gmail.com> wrote:
On Wed, 25 Apr 2007, ISHWAR RATTAN wrote:

> I have a small debian-3.1r3 system. I want to upgrade it to
> debian-4.0r0.

Well, you are changing the distribution completely. So, it is always
better to use a consistent way to do that, rather than end up with a
mixture of 3.1r3 and 4.0r0. Sarge -> Etch upgrade documents are
available on the net and I am sure has come up in this list earlier.

> Is there a way to dist-upgrade for the installed software
> (including dependencies) only?, to keep the extra stuff out that
> #apt-get dist-upgrade wants to download and install.

That's what apt will do, it will only upgrade what is available to upgrade
and their dependencies.

If you are looking for upgrading only a few package to 4.0r0 and not
the whole system while remaining on oldstable as the default "SUITE"
(oldstable/stable/testing/unstable) then add the sources.list file to
include stable/etch repo lines and try
 aptitude -t stable

Use, "u" to update. Search for your package and install it. Though I
must warn, this might end up in a broken system. AND READ THE APTITUDE
docs before you do anything unnccessary. APTITUDE is not (to me
atleast) a very easy pacakge management system.

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