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dvd problem

I cant boot your dvd's the installation gets to mounting the dvd and fails

it says there is no module for the dvd and suggests that it must be an old dvd drive

it isnt it is new, it is a SONY DVD RW AW G170A

All *nix do this with my system which is an intel dp965lt motherboard and E6600 core 2 duo

All except for Ubuntu which now works (six months ago when I started trying it didn't even get as far as trying to mount a dvd).

Now I am told that I can boot from a USB stick or a floppy, but (a) I dont have a floppy and (b) this is an IDE drive for which your manuals say:- 'all covered'. Well this one isnt, so your manuals are in error.

Also the installation program isnt working, it says 'old drive' which is not the case.

I think both of these count as bugs, but I cant report them using bug rep.

Finally you claim to give 'an easy installation from dvd'........ er.

I have tried getting advice from the forum but only got told to use a USB stick, again easy installation?

I have waited six months hoping that this would be picked up in this time, and no joy.

It looks to me that if I do not ask you directly, I may be waiting forever :)



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