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Re: Unable to make a bootable CD from the image files.

On Mon, 23 Apr 2007 22:50:05 -0400
"Andrew J. Barr" <andrew.james.barr@gmail.com> wrote:

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> Stray1984 wrote:
> > I am having a big problem. I am trying to start with Linux for the first
> > time. I know nothing about the system, but this is not yet the problem
> > because I am still trying to start.
> >  
> > I have made a couple of disc images before, but now I cannot make a
> > working one. I downloaded a lot of the image files, I extracted them
> > with Isobuster to a directory in the hard disk, and than copied the full
> > (folders and files) ISO section to a CD and added the files
> > BootImage.img and BootCatalog.cat, which were outside of the ISO that
> > ISO section to the CD root. I rebooted and tried to boot from the CD,
> > but after two or three of seconds of trying, the computer resumes to
> > another option.
> >  
> > I have tried with the first downloaded full image disk and also with the
> > NetInst version. Both with the sane result.
> >  
> > Will anyone kindly tell me if I am making any mistake, maybe on building
> > the CD, please? If I am, what exactly should I do in order to get a
> > workable booting CD.
> >  
> > Thank you very much for any help.
> If you are trying to install Debian from Windows and you have a
> reasonably fast Internet connection, I'd suggest visiting the site
> http://www.goodbye-microsoft.com/ or http://www.goodbye-windows.com/ and
> installing Debian using the program available for download there.
> Despite the name, it will *not* delete your Windows installation, it
> simply launches the debian-installer from your hard disk instead of a
> bootable CD-ROM. You have the option to resize your Windows partition or
>  use unpartitioned space on your disk drive.
> As for booting the CD, don't do anything to the ISOs you download. Just
> burn them directly to CD-R(W). Don't "extract" them, that will probably
> strip out the boot information. I know there's a free Windows program
> that records ISO images to disk, but I cannot remember the name of it.
> Does someone on this list know of it?

Here are a bunch:
I haven't tried them.

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