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Re: Unable to make a bootable CD from the image files.

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Stray1984 wrote:
> I am having a big problem. I am trying to start with Linux for the first
> time. I know nothing about the system, but this is not yet the problem
> because I am still trying to start.
> I have made a couple of disc images before, but now I cannot make a
> working one. I downloaded a lot of the image files, I extracted them
> with Isobuster to a directory in the hard disk, and than copied the full
> (folders and files) ISO section to a CD and added the files
> BootImage.img and BootCatalog.cat, which were outside of the ISO that
> ISO section to the CD root. I rebooted and tried to boot from the CD,
> but after two or three of seconds of trying, the computer resumes to
> another option.
> I have tried with the first downloaded full image disk and also with the
> NetInst version. Both with the sane result.
> Will anyone kindly tell me if I am making any mistake, maybe on building
> the CD, please? If I am, what exactly should I do in order to get a
> workable booting CD.
> Thank you very much for any help.

If you are trying to install Debian from Windows and you have a
reasonably fast Internet connection, I'd suggest visiting the site
http://www.goodbye-microsoft.com/ or http://www.goodbye-windows.com/ and
installing Debian using the program available for download there.
Despite the name, it will *not* delete your Windows installation, it
simply launches the debian-installer from your hard disk instead of a
bootable CD-ROM. You have the option to resize your Windows partition or
 use unpartitioned space on your disk drive.

As for booting the CD, don't do anything to the ISOs you download. Just
burn them directly to CD-R(W). Don't "extract" them, that will probably
strip out the boot information. I know there's a free Windows program
that records ISO images to disk, but I cannot remember the name of it.
Does someone on this list know of it?

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