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Re: Fullscreen on dual monitors

Gnu_Raiz wrote:
Bob <spam@Mmm, Wrote:
Mmm do we think this is a hardware problem, or a software bug? It doesn't happen to you when you play a video? What resolutions are you using? I notice it's less pronounced with lower resolutions and frequencies? It doesn't happen to me with just a blank white screen, only with video or animated websites and it's not ideal.

I just switched from a Nvidia agp 6600 gt card that showed the same problems as listed in this thread, as well as your links and it shimmered. The new card is an ATI x1950 pro shows the same problem, regardless of the hardware, I even did a PSU upgrade as well, which did not have any problems. Now I have two 19 inch crts, the newer of the two is the one that shimmers. How I deal with it is by not maximizing the windows, I also see that some webpages shimmer, and some don't regardless of color. Now it is possible that I have a duff monitor as a year ago I thought I smelled a burning smell coming from the newer of the two monitors. Maybe this is a capacitor problem, I also noticed that I can not gain maximum refresh rates on that monitor, for example factory says I can get 85, but now I can only go to 80 on some settings. So this very well could be a monitor hardware problem.

Just to check, the Nvidia didn't shimmer, your talking about the full screen issue with that right?

I'm sure you've already checked this but your CRTs are far enough apart not to interfere with each other? I only have one CRT now so this isn't an issue for me any more. My 21" iiyama (which I love for photo editing, the colour fidelity still pisses on any LCD I've seen) is really hot and always smells of burning dust, I really want a Kill-O-Watt to see how much it draws, my guess, a lot, but if it still works... I do think about getting one of those fire extinguishers they use on WRC car engines, the ones with a pressurized plastic tube that squiggles all over the place and, in the case of a fire, gets melted by the heat and foams that area down.

As for the shimmering, I've started a thread on this imaginatively titled "Dual Head RADEON MergedFB, overlay causes shimmer on screen0" but so far got no responses, I'm about to follow it up as a lot of threads get missed over the weekend, it's also interesting that you experience the same problem with different hardware.

I'll replace my current Radeon 9250 (RV280 256MB, 128bit) with a RADEON 9000 (RV250 128MB, 64bit (I think)) and see if I get the same effect with that. I've put together some questions and I'll post them in the other thread along with my answers, if you had the energy to answer them as well and a few people other people experiencing the same problem do the same, it should be possible to get an idea of the nature and extent of the issue, we don't want to distract people like Dave Airlied with this, until we know a lot more about it, in case he's doing XvMC for R200s or other cool stuff.

Thanks, see you over there.

Garrr, do your bit for global warming, become a pirate, you can "borrow" my copy of Windows 95 if you want.

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