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Re: Oh, yeah: Unable to switch to TTY from X

Amy Templeton wrote:
> > This line, however, doesn't exist anywhere in my
> > /etc/X11 directory, so as far as I can tell that isn't
> > the problem.
cga2000 wrote:
> So what's your point, exactly?

I just wanted to skip the part where people suggested things
I'd already tried.

> What's your video card?

01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV17
[GeForce4 420 Go 32M] (rev a3)

> Maybe your x.org driver is not up to par .. ??

I had this problem with the default nv driver and still do
with the nvidia-glx driver I'm currently using.

> # chvt 2 .. you need to be root, though ..

Thanks to the magic of su and sudo, that is not a problem.
chvt works, and from there I can go to various vt's and back
to X in the normal way. Thanks a lot...it's just odd that
that doesn't happen with the keybindings.


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