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Re: windows download

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Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
> Sjoerd Hiemstra wrote:
>> Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
>>> Joe Hart wrote:
>>>> Personally, I don't know why they both need to exist, but that's
>>>> beside the point.  What is the point is that one no longer needs to
>>>> download and burn a CD if they want to convert from Windows to
>>>> Debian.
>>> The more there exist, the better 8-)
>> Which I doubt.  Suppose Microsoft would have a site named
>> www.goodbye-debian.com.  Sounds stupid, eh?
> Yes, because no-one would like to say goodbye to debian ;-)

Well, some people would, but they are not very relevant to us.

> But I'd have no problem with a site like that and I don't have a problem
> if someone says goodbye to debian.
> Thinking more about it, I actually like the idea of a site like this,
> sponsored by micro$oft:
> They would develop a deb-package with software in it to pack a
> microsoft-installer to ext3, reiserfs, xfs etc. The installer would have
> the capabilities to resize existing linux partitions, create a ntfs and
> install M$ via a free web download, on the fly downloading and
> configuring all the necessary hardware drivers. And all that will take
> about 30 minutes with a decent internet connection and needs little user
> interaction, requiring only two reboots, and this already installs all
> the software you'd like to have!
> I don't see this comming, soon :-(

No, it won't come, and we don't really want it do we?  Isn't one of the
points of using Debian in the first place is so we don't have to use
Windows (at least on the x86/AMD64 varieties)?

>> Names like these may not be the most clever ones.
>> Many Windows people I know are not at all hostile towards Linux, but
>> a name like www.goodbye-microsoft.com might alienate at least some of
>> them.
I actually agree that it might, but so what?  Let them use something
else.  While I would like to see wide spread adoption of GNU/Linux, does
it really matter in the long run if someone uses Debian or they choose
Red Hat?  The point is they are not using the proprietary software that
limits their freedom.

> That's why I said the more the better. Maybe others would prefer
> www.add-debian-to-microsoft.com
> www.get-the-universal-os.com
> Actually, I like the name of 'goodbye-microsoft.com'. You have to
> explain  to your friends that the installer doesn't really wipe their OS
> and that the installer will merely add another OS, but it's an url they
> will remember well long after they return from the pub...
> And it is more simple than to explain to them how to burn an iso-image.

Correct.  Although goodbye-windows is good enough, and just as easy to

And in response to your question about the differences in the debian.exe
file, AFAIK, they both are the same.  I only tested the one on
goodbye-windows.com, as I didn't know until yesterday the other existed,
and I don't have Windows anymore to test another version.  8-)

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