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Re: Openoffice won't display whole document word count in document over 73,763 characters

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On 04/16/07 11:28, David Dawson wrote:
> Ron Johnson wrote:
> On 04/16/07 01:08, David Dawson wrote:
>>>> I'm not sure if this is a bug in OOo, or what, but it suddenly stopped
>>>> displaying the word count in my document, when I went on typing and
>>>> checked it. I found that by selecting all text, I could get a count, but
>>>> not unless I did so; it would otherwise display 0 words 0 characters for
>>>> the total.
>>>> If this is a bug I'd appreciate help filing a report. I checked the
>>>> issuezilla site and a search did not turn up this problem.
>>>> I think it might be safer to cut the document in pieces. Any advice?
> Is that "73,763 characters" coming from the file size or the
> File->Properties Statistics tab?  v2.2 (at least) keeps (seemingly)
> accurate document counts, even if the /Number of Lines/ must be
> manually updated by clicking on an Update button.
>> It is coming from 'Tools>word count'
>> I understand the point about not filing a bug report on 2.04.
>> I am keeping my sources at 'Testing', so in due course I'll get the update
>> to 2.2.

Even that works for me.

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