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Re: Recommend inexpensive MP3 player?

* Reid Priedhorsky <reid@reidster.net> [070416 13:28]:
> I would like to get an MP3 player to use with my Lenny box. My specs are
> few but perhaps odd:
> - Cheap.
> - Used OK.
> - 512MB or larger OK.
> - Uses AAA or AA batteries, preferably 2.

The smaller Creative players are tiny, rugged, reliable, have
excellent audio quality, and transfer files without special software
(I use cp or midnight commander).  They are inexpensive: $50 to $100
list price.  They use a single AAA cell and typically run longer than
other brands of players.

MUVO TX :: usb 2.0, 256 Mbyte

MUVO TX FM :: usb 2.0, good FM tuner

Beware:  Some of the larger Creative players require the use of
software such as gnomad.  But I think that this is not the case with
the ZEN NANO PLUS (usb 2.0, 1000 Mbyte).

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