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Re: question - howto use postfix+reportbug in order to send bug reports to debian.org

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On 04/16/07 13:24, shirish agarwal wrote:
> Hi all, I am using Ubuntu 7.04 (please don't laugh) and at times
> I do report bugs. Sometimes I see that the bug-report is
> concerning upstream (some issue, usability bug or feature-list
> wish). Unlike bugs.launchpad.netwhich ubuntu has, the only way I
> came to know is one can report bugs to debian through an
> application called reportbug. After installing reportbug, making
> my bug-report came to know further that it needs an MTA. Digging 
> further came to know that there are only 2 , postfix & sendmail.

And Exim4 and ssmtp and a few others.  Unless Ubuntu restricts
people's freedom to choose.

> As I am reading my mail on the web (Gmail) hence didn't no need
> to have an e-mail client (or MUA) hence became non-plussed. I am
> sure I am neither the 1st one to have this problem nor the last
> one.

You must configure Postfix to be a relayhost.

Practically, that means to configure it to be "Internet with
smarthost".  dpkg-reconfigure (or whatever tool that Ubuntu uses to
configure packages) will ask you what host you want to use to relay
email thru, and (typically) you give it you're ISP's smtp server.

Don't know what to do with gmail, though.

> Hence instead of just posting for the howto of this in the
> mailing list, also have published it in ubuntuforums.org 
> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=2463091#post2463091 .

Andrew is correct.  *You* are the Ubuntu user, so *you* post the
HOWTO to ubuntuforums.org (as soon as you figure it out).

> The main reason behind doing all this is there are not enough bug
> triagers around. Something like 30 for all the bugs which come
> around. So there is a possibility that such bugs do not get
> reported. Hence if we have a direct route to u guys it would make
> things that much more easier for all around. So post the answer
> at the forum itself so people can use it. There is also 
> possibility of adding the whole thing to a wiki so people can use
> it to make bug-reports to debian as & when needed. Less stress
> for everybody concerned. Cheers.

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