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Re: etch/volatile -- public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY EC61E0B0BBE55AB3

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Greg Folkert wrote:
>>> Would you have the key for Debian-Multimedia in the "Debian Archive
>>> Keyring"?
>> No, but I might make it a little easier for Debian newbies to find it in
>> the first place.  Something like a simple script that people could use
>> to install the missing multimedia applications/codecs that almost
>> everyone wants.  Those who don't want them of course wouldn't need or
>> want to use such a script, but having one available and make it plain
>> that it was available would stop a lot of people bitching about Debian
>> not coming with them in the first place.
> So, you are suggesting we include a non-Debian, but Debian associated
> repository. This would infer approval and endorsement. Nope, don't see
> it happening.

No, I am not suggesting that.  I am suggesting that it be simpler for
newbies to find Christian's repository and enable it though.  Most
people want to be able to play the media on the web, and if we're ever
going to get mainstream acceptance, it needs to be simple for new users.

There are a whole lot of people who are ready to make the transition to
the GNU/Linux world, but are afraid of it.  GNU/Linux is ready for the
desktop, but without being able to play media from the start, it makes
it less likely that people to choose Debian as their first distribution
because there are others that can do that.

Perhaps it is better this way, so rather than having to hold the hands
of complete newbies, we get people that have *some* experience with
GNU/Linux and just have to help them learn the Debian Way.  Maybe I'll
just make a script available on my newly forming website.  A simple
little thing that will pull in Christian's key and install some key
packages.  Not hard to do at all, but for a newbie it is too confusing.

(I like the pun)

>> Somehow I think this issue has been beaten to death already, but it was
>> before my time.  I understand the legal issues involved, but they don't
>> apply where I live, at least not yet.
> Yep, along with the whole formerly needed nonus stuff.
>>> Being a Debian associated, but not really an Official Debian repository.
>>> The same goes for volatile. Until they become FULL ON FRIENDSHIP Debian
>>> repositories, I don't think it'll get into the "debian-archive-keyring"
>> Point well taken.  I agree with (YOU) on this one.  I said I didn't know why,
>> now I do.  Personally I don't use that repo, so I don't know that much
>> about it.  Thank you for informing me.

Thanks for fixing my English.
> I'd be more inclined to use Christian's Repository than the other ones
> out there, that aim at the same niche. 

I agree.  That's why debian-multimedia is the only non-official one in
my sources.list.

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