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Remote Application but local Data, how to accomplish!?

Hello to all,

My question is : How can I make an environment where the user starts an application on a remote machine but accesses his local data?

For example: I have two machines called "funghi" and "tonno" (the names are the hostnames). I am sitting in front of "funghi" and "ssh -X" to "tonno" and start an office app. Then I get only access to the data residing on "tonno" (for example if I click to "open file" in the started office app).
And there is my problem: How can I get access to the local data on "funghi"?

What I want to accomplish (for Debian but also for other free OS projects):
I want to make an "advertising" campaign by hosting various interesting  applications (of free software) - for example I want to host the Office suites of Gnome and KDE, but also some other applications from the scientific field - . The interested users will get an access to my hosting machine (username and password) after asking for access. Then they will be able to "ssh -X" to this machine to start the application.

BUT (and here is my last not solved problem ): The user should then get access to his local data (meaning: on his home machine) from the remote application.

The only way I can think of to solve this is by using NFS back to the machine of the user. BUT: Because the targeted persons of the advertising campaign are (also) non-experienced users I am not sure they belong to the persons who are able to open a NFS to get access from the remote application to their local data.

Please, please, help me because you will then help to get start an advertising campaign for free software.

I thank you very much in advance

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