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Re: could you help with c++ ? (HW)

I forget the the most important stuff.
could you please check how can i make this code more clear to understand or better to work
i have a problems in substraction i can get it to work noce

On 4/9/07, Jabka atu wrote:
Hello ..
i know that it bad to ask for help in codding.
but if i help others maybe could help me.
im working on it for allmost 3 weeks and i really need help.
if you with to say to me that :
im bad codder - i know that this allready could you please write what
exactly i did wrong.
RTFM/STFW (My bible/koran/or what ever you call it is Deitl's C++ book)
could you please write what chapter should i read.
I've got this hw asignmet:
build a program that will get two string (unkown size) and make the next
math func between them :

you cannot use math,bignumbers/bigintegers/changing the string onto
integers/real numbers.
you can use complement.

if use a function you should write it.

Yours Truley
    Jabka Atu
       btw use _VIM_  not Visual @#$%^&

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