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Re: Newbie Question - KDE-Gnome-xfce

Oops! Sorry about that! Kmail gave me an error on the first send so I didn't 
think it was sent out.

On Thursday 05 April 2007 07:33, Randy Patterson wrote:
> On Thursday 05 April 2007 06:22, Michael M. wrote:
> > On Wed, 2007-04-04 at 20:19 -0400, Javier Enrique Tiá Marín wrote:
> > > Why Gnome is the Default Desktop for Distributions like Ubuntu/Debian,
> > > RedHat/CentOS/Fedora and OpenSuse?
> >
> > Because Gnome is superior, of course.  :-)
> As stated previously I am a newbie in the Linux world, but one that seen
> enough to know that there is no going back now! So currently I don't really
> have a loyalty to any of the higher level window systems. I would be
> interested in knowing from your experience why you feel that Gnome is
> superior to KDE. I guess what I am looking for deals more with the
> functionality than anything else and not speed. So far going from Windoze
> to Linux/KDE is like going from dialup to wireless!
> One example of what I mean. One of my part time jobs is hosting and setting
> up websites and web apps (ASP/PHP). I cannot work without a password vault
> of some kind because I have way more login information than I could ever
> remember. While setting up a Kmail account I was blown away when it ask me
> if I wanted to store the password in Kwalet! I think in the back of my mind
> I thought I was going to have to give up some functionality for free
> software in moving to Linux. Was I ever so wrong!
> From my point of view the real speed of an OS/Windowing system is not just
> in how fast it will pop a window on the screen, although important, but
> also in how does it, with the functionality it contains, speed you along
> with the work that you have to do? So, do you think Gnome is functionally
> better and KDE and why?
> Thanks,
> Randy

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