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Re: Simplest way to reconstruct /etc/rc?.d

Andrew Perrin <clists@perrin.socsci.unc.edu> wrote:

> I had a hard drive glitch that seems to have screwed up some of the 
> /etc/rc?.d links. The /etc/init.d area is fine, but lots of services
> are no longer coming up automatically.  I can fix them one at a time
> with:
> dpkg-reconfigure xdm
> replacing xdm with whatever package I've noticed needs to be redone.
> But I'd rather just set them all to their defaults, which is what
> this system uses anyway. Is there an easy way to do that, instead of
> trying to figure out what's broken and fixing it one by one?

'update-rc.d foobar defaults' will set service foobar to default
runlevels. Now you just need a magic shell incantation to do this for
every file in /etc/init.d

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
(Albert Einstein)

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