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Re: Desktop user: Etch or the next testing?

Michael Pobega wrote:
4) Rolling releases

The only other distribution that has rolling releases (Or, no releases
at all) is Gentoo, but Gentoo didn't have a strong stance on free
software or stability, and their developer base seems to be falling
apart, so I decided not to go with Gentoo (Plus their mailing list is
slow as hell. Eight threads in a month?)

Just a few words about the ML, the Gentoo subscribers are composed
mainly with very experienced people that are waiting newbies to
provide some help, since the philosophy of these linux users is a bit
different of what you can see on Debian ML.How many posts on debian
can be resolved just by reading man pages, getting help on HowTo, or
browsing tldp ?

Concerning the number of posts, Gentoo have thousands a month, and
dozens of threads.
Moreover OT messages are unusual.

I am not telling that one is better than the other, I just don't want
that people make wrong ideas.

As for the developers, things are getting better since a while. But it
is true Gentoo has known troubles recently.

Both Debian and Gentoo have prods&cons, but are not targeting the same
Linux usage. Depending on your skills, the time you spend on your box,
and many more criteria, each user gets the choice and it is very nice.


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