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Re: fetchmail syslog messages

Apr 3 12:40:02 big fetchmail[4337]: Server CommonName mismatch: localhost != mail.mesanetworks.net Apr 3 12:40:02 big fetchmail[4337]: Server certificate verification error: self signed certificate

It just means that the remote end haven't set up their server
certificate properly. Nothing to worry about, unless you're concerned
that their DNS might get hijacked and you're worried that you might one
day be fetching mail from someone who is not your ISP; good luck trying
to get them to fix it, though ;)

I get this a lot too - I even raised a case with my ISP's support only to be told:

"Well, noone else has complained";
"It's a problem with your mail application"

and other unhelpful responses. Gave up in the end and just live with the extra noise in the logfile.



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