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Re: Desktop user: Etch or the next testing?

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Douglas Allan Tutty wrote:

> So why not do both?  Assuming that all your hardware runs under Etch,
> have a good etch setup that "just works", on one set of
> partitions/drives.  Put /home on its own partition.  Put Lenny on its
> own set of partitions.  Then you can:
> 	Boot Etch and run etch's apps to get work done.
> 	Boot Etch and run Lenny's apps in a chroot to test out new
> 	features.  This is simpler than compiling newer versions from
> 	source.
> 	Boot Lenny to see how its working.
> The first two can be done concurrently by different users.
> I've never done it.  However, its possible since up until recently this
> was how one had to access some 32-bit (i386) stuff on amd64.

I've never done it. I always set only one partition on the disk and put
everything in it whenever it is possible. I know there is chroot jail
and one can put a program in it (and copy all shared libraries that it
depends) to run. I've also heard (a little) of debootstrap using which
one can run a whole Debian operating system in a chroot jail. But I have
never had a chance to try those things. :)

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Wei Chen
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