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Re: Desktop user: Etch or the next testing?

Wei Chen wrote:
So what is a better choice now, to stick to Etch or to switch to the
next testing?
Last time around (Woody -> Sarge) the suggestion on this list was to stick with Sarge (stable) for a while after transition if you are not familiar with dealing with broken packages/system. After the Etch transition to stable, the next testing (don't know the name) receives a great influx of packages from unstable and work begins on making them stable. In this transition things may get "nasty" for inexperienced users.
I am not sure which is more important for desktop users,
stability or new features.
You should answer this question by yourself. I'm still running Sarge on my office computer, because I need it to work every day. I'm running testing on my laptop, because the stability is less important than new features. I also tried unstable, but found myself in troubles. I will try again though.


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