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Re: Desktop user: Etch or the next testing?

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Mitja Podreka wrote:
> Wei Chen wrote:
>> So what is a better choice now, to stick to Etch or to switch to the
>> next testing? 
> Last time around (Woody -> Sarge) the suggestion on this list was to
> stick with Sarge (stable) for a while after transition if you are not
> familiar with dealing with broken packages/system. After the Etch
> transition to stable, the next testing (don't know the name) receives a
> great influx of packages from unstable and work begins on making them
> stable. In this transition things may get "nasty" for inexperienced users.

Thank you for your suggestion.

>> I am not sure which is more important for desktop users,
>> stability or new features.
> You should answer this question by yourself. I'm still running Sarge on
> my office computer, because I need it to work every day. I'm running
> testing on my laptop, because the stability is less important than new
> features. I also tried unstable, but found myself in troubles. I will
> try again though.

Also, maybe one disadvantage of upgrading to a newer version early is
that one can in fact upgrade at any time if still using the old one. But
once upgraded, it is never possible to get the old one back again...

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Wei Chen
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