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Re: [ML ISSUE] reply-to field ?

> > On 03/30/07 08:32, galevsky@gmail.com wrote:
> > > I am forwarding previous answers.... and adding that I do not want
> > > to pop these mails since I suscribed lots of ML, not only debian
> > > ones, and it is more convenient for me to read&write from gmail
> > > than poping 3 times (work - home - laptop) thousands of mails.....

> Ron Johnson wrote on Friday, March 30, 2007 9:06 AM -0500:
> > Complain to Google that their MUA is lacking an important feature.

On 30.03.07 14:09, Seth Goodman wrote:
> It's only important to the Debian mailing lists and a small number of
> others.  It's not important to the majority of other mailing lists, and
> that's probably why Google and many others don't bother supporting that
> function.

It's important nearly WHEREVER mailing lists are. Mailing list headers are
defined in RFC2369 and are made to give users flexibility.

Telling tkat someone does not need them is silly as person with bad sight
telling (s)he doesn't need eye-glasses because (s)he doesn't know what it

The whole fact that "majority" of other mailing lists and their users does
not know about this does not mean it's useless. 
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