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Re: Woohooo! Dell + Linux

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On 03/30/07 11:00, Paul E Condon wrote:
> I didn't follow your argument, but of course Microsoft is a
> monopoly. There is no monopoly in the computer hardware manufacturing
> business, and there isn't an oligopoly, and certainly not an

In June 2005, AMD sued Intel over anti-trust violations.
    claiming that Santa Clara-based Intel has violated 7
    different kinds of anti-trust laws spread across three
    continents involving at least 38 separate large companies,
    all in an attempt to marginalize AMD's ability to sell
    its products.
    Former Compaq CEO Michael Capellas claims Intel "[held] a
    gun to his head" by witholding shipments of server chips,
    forcing Compaq to stop using AMD chips in its products.
    Gateway execs say Intel "beat them into guacamole" in
    pricing after Gateway announced a line of systems based on
    AMD's chips.

    Further, the suit alleges that Dell and Toshiba were paid
    large sums of money specifically to not do business with
    AMD. Sony was also coerced with "millions for exclusivity"
    to carry nothing but Intel-based products. AMD's share of
    Sony sales thereafter took a nosedive from 23% to zero,
    and has stayed there ever since.

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