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Re: how to install debian if I can "only" boot from harddisk ?

Thanks for your information, I will give it a try.
Before I do this , do you think I am safe if I want to keep my WinXP
installation along with my new debian OS ?


於 Wed,2007-03-28 於 13:07 +0300,Atis 提到:
> > Really?  There is one particular aspect I'm concerned with:  Will it really
> > put Debian on its own partition or is it one of those
> > Linux-in-a-file-inside-a-windows-partition crazy things? I
> > looked a lot in the net for this information but I can't find it anywhere.
> Yup, it's a normal installer, almost just-like-cd (i noticed few small
> visual differences), you can delete windows partition, and set debian
> instead of it. just make sure nothing breaks in middle of installation
> - then you're stuck.
> i did this for bunch of machines (~15) and it's much more comfortable
> than CD boot, as in windows installer parameters you can already
> choose some standard settings like timezone, etc (it's install kernel
> parameters ;)
> Regards,
> Atis
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