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Re: Hang up when "Starting PC card services."

On 20.03.07 09:45, Brian Hanson wrote:
> Subject: Hang up when "Starting PC card services."
> Version:  3.1r3
> Machine: Dell Inspiron 8000
> Processor: Pentium III 700/550MHz
> Memory: 256 KB
> Comments/Problems:  I experienced considerable video distortion when
> trying to boot from the CD without any boot parameters.  I eventually used
> the linux vga=771 noapic nolapic boot parameter and I did get through the
> first three screens.  The system hangs up at 92% "Detecting hardware to
> find CD-ROM drives" as part of "Starting PC card services."

please set up your mailer to wrap long lines (up to 80 chars per line, 72 or
75 is good)

... are you bnooting from install CD? I also had this problem when trying to
install onto some dell laptops. There is option not to start PC Card
services, displayed with F8 (iirc) when booting. Try using that one.

I think there is a problem with kernels PC Card support in 2.4 kernel
(not sure though)

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