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Re: X problem after upgrade

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Tommi Lantta wrote:
> On Wed, 21 Mar 2007, Joe Hart wrote:
>> I don't have the same monitor as you do, but I found that pushing the
>> button on my monitor that autosets the display will fix that.  Almost
>> all monitors made in the last few years have such a button.
> There is such a button and I think I have tried it with no results.
> Don't know if it actually did anything. There is also a button for
> accessing menu for
> manual adjustment, but it didn't work. I guess it's broken. Maybe the
> auto-adjust one
> is also. I'll have to check when I'm
> back at that machine.
> I was just wondering why would different operating systems require so
> different adjustments of the monitor for same resolution, especially
> when it is an LCD
> monitor. Well, maybe I shouldn't care.
>  Tommi

Because of the drivers, and the frequency they use.

Changing to a different video driver should yield different results.
Eventually you should find one that works properly, or you will need to
consider a new monitor.  That of course is last resort.


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