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Re: No text mode display after grub

On 2007-03-05 @ 01:48:40 (week 10) Chris Bannister wrote:

Sorry to get back only now. Haven't been keeping up with my mail due to
an overly full agenda and todo list.

> Is there any particular reason you need a later kernel?

Other than wanting to try out a couple of new features no, not really.

> You could compare the kernel configs. If they are *too* different then
> does compiling say a 2.6.18 kernel with the same/similar configs work?

Nothing too different between them. I am probably overlooking something.
Up til now I've never had any problems with my home-made kernels.
However, I do tend to strip them down quite aggressively. Changes are I
did something that causes problems only for this particular setup.

Meanwhile I have tried a couple of things. First I noticed I hadn't
enabled the framebuffer. After I did that I did get back the console and
after some tweaking I even managed to get X running too, but only in
VESA mode and only for a very short time. After it starts up it gets
progressively slower until it grinds down to a full stop. I tried to
enable the radeon driver, but the same happened. Weirder still, if I try
to install the ati driver from the console the slowing down starts as
soon as the installer begins showing the (text-mode) dialogs (not

Ah well, I've given up and returned to the comfort of the pre-compiled
Debian GNU/Linux kernel (2.6.18-4). Everything is fine now. Though it
still bugs me I didn't find out what I did wrong...

Thanks for trying to help!

Grx HdV

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