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Re: Very slow network - Ubuntu

Joe Hart wrote:
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A. Ben Hmeda wrote:
I have been using Linux as my main os since Caldera, then
RedHat 5.2 in 1999, I used Mandrake (3 versions) and FC1, FC2, Potato,
Sarge, FC 4/5. I found that this Debian variant (Ubuntu) is the only
version under which my new Logitech web cam and all my other new
peripherals worked out of the box ( perhaps due to inclusion of
restricted modules). I also believe (with no evidence) that Debian has
the most intelligent package management among the above mentioned
distros. This quirk is the only issue I have and if I have to do
/etc/init.d/networking restart every time, then I will. It just bugs me
that I don't know what is going on inside my machine.

I am not suggesting that Ubuntu is a bad distribution.  If it is good
for you, that's fine.

As for your having to reissue that command, it seems strange.  Like
Marty said, see if you can isolate where the problem is coming from.

It is very strange indeed that restarting the networking solves the
issue.  It sounds to me like something is not right in your init
scripts, or your nic needs more time to "wake up".  Very strange indeed.

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I will certainly examine my setup and init scripts. Thanks.

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