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Re: microphone

Mark Grieveson wrote:

I listened to a podcast recently (The Linux Action Show) and they were
discussing this issue.  It turns out that they use another recording
device, then use audacity to mix the their recording and create the
finished podcast.  They say if they try to use audacity to do the
recording directly, they get feedback.


Thanks for the feedback.  I'll try audacity, and look into getting a
pre-amp for the line-in of the sound card.  Also, thanks for letting me

Well, before you go off buying a pre-amp or some such device, maybe it will be worthwhile to try a recording device as suggested by Joe. For example, I would try recording the audio on an mp3 player (obviously, one which can record, and it turns out I have one) and copying that mp3 file over to the hard disk of the computer and then using audacity to export it to a suitable format. Another example, I would try recording the audio on a cassette recorder and playback that tape on a player which has a line out jack while connecting that line-out jack to the computer's line-in jack and capturing that audio using audacity. In both cases, you will have a nicer audio input than you can get using a cheap mic connected to the mic jack of the computer.

Depending on the situation, cost and some other factors I guess, the near ideal solution would be of course to have some sort of a pre-amp with a mic. For example, for more or less excellent results (near professional?), one would buy a small mixer (2 or 4 channel) and connect its line-out to the computer's line-in. But if this equipment needs to be bought, it will definitely be more expensive than the two examples I described above.

And I am not expert, so I guess others maybe able to contribute more or correct me.

know that I was unwrapped (and I was also flying low); so, after
zipping and wrapping up, hopefully I'm now presentable.


Glad to hear too, from the Linux Action Show, that others have had
similar issues.  Good to know I'm not alone.


Good luck,

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