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Re: Running Debian with kernel from other distro....

On Thu, Mar 15, 2007 at 10:27:46PM +0100, Marcin Giedz wrote:
> Hello,
> Perhaps what I'm planing to do is not very "legal" but it seems I have 
> no chance :(
> I've got EMC disk array which recently I was able to connect using 
> QLogic FC card to my server. However I can only use one PATH from my 
> server to EMC so natural failover which comes with EMC can't be 
> achieved. EMC AX 150 has 2 FC controllers where every contains 2 FC 
> channel. So basically I could use 2 servers connected directly to two 
> different controllers or even use SAN but.... not with Debian :(
> EMC has PowerPath software but it's binary version including kernel 
> modules - which is the BIGGEST problem I found. They are compiled for 
> RHEL or SUSE so can't be used on others distros. But ... this idea came 
> to my mind today and I what to ask you if this is possible at all?
> Can I build/create debian-installer based on redhat kernel which is 
> dedicated for EMC PowerPath? I mean .... I'd like to use BINARY version 
> of this kernel with all external modules which come with EMC and prepare 
> debian-installer with such kernel.
> Has anyone tried something like this ever?
Google found this [0] link about someone installing sarge and using an
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