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Re: Sirius radio streaming?

The solution I ended up with is at

Basically, you can install the "mozilla-plugin-vlc" package and it'll
take care of your streams from Firefox/Mozilla/Iceweasel and pipe it
through VLC.

By the way, try out the SIRIUS Player Add-on for Firefox/Iceweasel:


On 3/15/07, charlie derr <cderr@simons-rock.edu> wrote:

>> I'm thinking now that
>> the file associations are maintained in the KDE control center.  Does
>> that sound right? (obviously I use KDE on my desktop)
>>     ~c
> It seems strange to me that if you use KDE you'd even have totem.

I don't "only" use KDE, I have a lot of other stuff installed (I almost never login directly to gnome, but sometimes I'll use
openbox instead of KDE (especially when my main purpose is to run vmware to get at a virtual machine)).  So I'm not at all
surprised that totem is there (it works well for a surprising number of things, but not quite everything it thinks it ought to
work for).

> Yes,
> KDE holds file associations in the control center, but Iceweasel handles
> them too.  You need to tell Iceweasel how to handle the file.  Edit ->
> Preferences, Content tab, Manage button.

I don't know if there's a bug here or not, but I can't figure out how to actually add a new file association with that interface
(modify and delete seem to be the only options available).   Probably there's some preferences file (xml?) somewhere that could be
edited directly in my .mozilla/firefox directory to fix this.  But it does seem that there ought to be a GUI option for adding a
new file association.  In poking around, I see a pluginreg.dat file that looks like it's probably the ticket, but at the top
there's a warning not to edit it, as it's a generated file.  Anyone got any clues on this?

> If you have mplayer, you can dump totem because mplayer can play
> anything that totem can.  You might want to look into kaffeine as well.
>  That is a popular media player for KDE, as well as kmplayer, which is a
> kde front-end to mplayer.

Yeah, I installed kmplayer, but konqueror won't even get the www.sirius.com homepage to load properly (perhaps because of flash?).

> Oh, the choices...how does one know which app is best for each task?
> Recommendations from others (including myself) are only so good.  The
> best method is to try for yourself and pick your favorite.

Yeah, thanks very much for the suggestions.  I'm still a little baffled about how much of a grip totem seems to have on my media
files.  In the KDE control center I've modified the file associations so that mplayer is at the top of the list of applications
for opening .asx files, and yet iceweasel still continues to try to use totem.

        thanks again,

> Joe
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