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Re: Is that all there is to it??

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Kamaraju S Kusumanchi wrote:
> Jim Hyslop wrote:
>>Ummmm... is that it?!? Is it really that simple to upgrade?
> Yes. That's it. It is amazing, Isn't it?
Wow. Almost as easy as installing a printer driver on my Mac - I opened
the printer utility, the Mac said "Just a sec.... OK, I found this
printer, do you want to use it?" I clicked OK, and that was it. Done.

> BTW, What is the minor issue that you had with inetd? In an ideal world,
> even that small issue should not occur...

OK, now that you asked I dredged up the command history to get details
:-) It was openbsd-inetd that was failing. I finally figured out that it
was because the openbsd-inetd process wasn't being stopped before being
restarted. So, I manually stopped openbsd-inetd, ran `dpkg --configure
openbsd-inetd` and now everything's happy.

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