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Re: how to use font in convert(imagemagick)?

On Sun, 04 Mar 2007 20:54:12 +0800, Yuwen Dai wrote:

> I want to use the '-font' option of convert to annotate images.  I'm not
> sure if convert can deal with locales other than iso-8859, and what's the
> syntax of the font name? 

I guess you haven't been to Anthony's helpful Text to Image Handling Examples

Check it out. Want to use the font of your own? No problem. Want to use
Chinese font? No problem, there is even an example right using Chinese
font. Want to use a font without registering to ImageMagick? No problem. 
Check it out, the answers are all there. 

Moreover, if you still have any problem that is not covered, I suggest you
subscribe to the ImageMagick User List

An *extremely* helpful mlist. Well worth the trouble of the
email registration. you will find Anthony answering questions there himself. 
You throw in a question to the mlist, no matter how hard it is, an answer
will (magically) come out... :-)

Tong (remove underscore(s) to reply)

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