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Re: Debian on a 128MB USB flash drive

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Stefan Monnier wrote:
>> I know you said you want a plain Debian, but what about DSL ?
>> http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/
> My understanding is that DSL offers some things I don't need (like
> a desktop; I'm mostly interestd in this system as a kind of rescue drive)
> and fails to provide me with the ability to just update it with apt-get (I
> don't intend to *ever* reinstall this USB system, instead I'll just keep
> updating against testing, as I've done on all my other systems).
> DSL looks pretty neat, but seemed too much based on a "LiveCD" mindset, so
> I didn't investigate much further.  Maybe it actually offers just what
> I wanted.
DSL is desktop based, but it is _very_ small.  I installed it to a
celeron 600 w/ 64 MB ram and a 2.0 gig hard drive.  It worked just fine.
 I am pretty sure you can get it working from a flash drive, providing
of course that your BIOS lets you boot from it.  Once it's installed it
is a Debian system, and you can apt-get remove any of the software you
don't want or need, including X.

Keep in mind that the standard DSL comes with a 2.4 kernel.  If you want
a 2.6 kernel, you need the DSL-N.


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