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RE: Sad...

> Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2007 22:32:25 +0100
> From: j.hart@orange.nl
> Ben Humpert wrote:
> >> Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2007 22:44:46 +0200> From: andreimpopescu@gmail.com> > Ben Humpert <ben_humpert@msn.com> wrote:> > > > > I'd love to use the Etch installer...if I could ever get it.> > I> > > > used the etch installer last night and it worked flawlessly. Why> > > > can't you > get it?> > > kinda hard to find :) the webmaster of debian.org should add three> > tiny links: a) get stable (sarge) here, b) get testing (etch) here,> > c) get unstable (sid) here. each link directs to the first page of> > "get debian" for each version ... very simple but perhaps to> > difficult for them...dunno> > Testing and unstable shouldn't be easy to find because they are not> meant for everyone to use. If you are advanced enough to use them you> will find them ;)
> > Well, then the debian guys should fix this decades old sarge installer - OR - merge it with the etch installer; it just takes some hours to do this. sata is already established enough to support it. its a shame to direct users to testing only to get sata support and to tell that it should be "hidden" from beginners.
> >> Regards,> Andrei> P.S. Does msn have a config option to not remove line breaks? (In> Outlook it's called: "Remove extra line breaks in text messages"). It> makes your replies very difficult to read.
> > Its not MSN/Outlook which kills the whole layout, its your client which cant interpret the mailings correctly. if i check my outbox the mail looks like it should (with line-breaks) and you guys are the first with this problem, i guess its debilian ... errr debian, sorry :)
> The other replies you have already received state why Sarge does what it
> does with SATA.
> As for your mail, it's being sent as HTML, which is why you see it
> differently than other people (many of whom only read plain text e-mail).
> When viewing your mail with IceDove/Thunderbird, one can choose to view
> either one. If I look at the Original HTML, it looks fine, however,
> looking at the "as plain text" view, it all runs together.
> The same attitude that you're taking with the e-mail is the same
> attitude that many webmasters take. If the clients are using the right
> software, everything will look fine. That is not the right attitude to
> take because you never know what software people are using, especially
> on a mailing list.

Like i said, your client can't handle it correctly. It should notice "oh, its HTML, lets rewrite it into plain text". You dont have to use the right software, just use intelligent software. Perhaps you insert a line break if you arrive the end of the window, i dont do this cause of im using a computer and not a typewriter! This is a "one line message", no line breaks inserted.
theoretical belief: Would you write in HTML just cause my client cant handle plain text? No, you wouldn't!

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