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Re: a dumb query? pls humor me

Freddy Freeloader wrote:

> Iguess you'll have show me how the government is efficient at anything.

Transportation.  Try driving someplace that has a privatized road system
like Australia and tell me privatization is a good idea.

> Ever dealt with Workman's Comp?  Another instance of a government agency
> that is supposed to help where the government has a legitimate
> responsibility to help,  and you have lawyer up to get anything done.

Yup, in 2002 after I was punched in the face while making an arrest.  Was
faster and easier than applying for UI.  Couldn't have been easier.

> Cases such as his and mine are the rule, not the exception.  But, a
> person has to experience, not read about it to really understand how bad
> things really are.

No matter what your insurance is, try getting an extended stay at a hospital
and *not* rack up six or seven figure hospital bills that insurance only
covers a few hundred bucks on.

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