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Re: a dumb query? pls humor me

Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
On Tue, Mar 06, 2007 at 04:43:06PM -1000, Al Eridani wrote:
On 3/4/07, Freddy Freeloader <fredddy@cableone.net> wrote:

What does your personal internal paradigm have to do with how we
Americans think our government should act, and what we perceive to be
the best form of government for ourselves?
So you are saying that only you, gold citizens of the almighty US, has
the right to express an opinion. Because I don't see you chastise other
US posters when they express their opinions of other countries.

No.  Just that a foreigner's opinion carries little or no weight in how
a country operates or governs itself.

You seem to have a very thin skin for these dabates. And you seem to
think that this is your toy, for you to play as you wish while the others
must conform to your rules.

You should read more of Freddy's postings.  He is far from thin skinned.

That's about as irrelevant
as me telling you how Sweden should be run.
Not at all. What the rest of the world wants is less interference from
the US.

Great, and the US wants less interference from the rest of world,
primarily Islamic extremists.

As far I can see, Sweden does not interfere with what happens
in other places,

Really?  Sweden is a member of NATO and the UN.  Sweden also sent troops
to Afghanistan.  Under your definition, that constitutes interference.
I mean, heck, why would Sweden send troops to Afghanistan if they
weren't even attacked?

but the US does it all the time with deadly
consequences, currently in Iraq and Afghanistan.

War is a bloody business.  It is unfortunate.  What alternate solutions
would you propose?

Should I be telling everyone on this mailing list that I think Sweden's
form of government is ludicrous and that I long ago lost respect for it,
and its people, because it basically takes 75% of its citizens earnings
as taxes and has created a citizenry that dependent on their government
and sucks off the government's teat rather than being responsible for
You just did and not much happened, did it? That's because any Swedish
readers won't lose any sleep over the fact that you don't respect them.
Big deal!

Just like he won't lose sleep over the fact that people don't like what
the US does.



Nice answer Roberto. All I ever intended to do was laugh and tell him he was wrong.

Al Eridani,

Methinks you are in a highly agitated state of mind. You are reading things into my posts that exist only in your mind. You will know if/when I feel insulted or angry. I'm not too shy about expressing it, and when I do anyone who reads what I have to say then will know I got mad.

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