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Re: Raid shuts down uncleanly?

I did this:

cat messages | grep shutdown

but it reveals nothing useful in regards to the problem, nor does the rest of the file. The only messages listed at shutdown time are:

Mar  6 20:15:13 greengoblin shutdown[3244]: shutting down for system reboot
Mar  6 20:15:21 greengoblin kernel: Kernel logging (proc) stopped.
Mar  6 20:15:21 greengoblin kernel: Kernel log daemon terminating.
Mar  6 20:15:22 greengoblin exiting on signal 15

Can the shutdown not be logged in some other, more detailed way?



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Land Haj wrote:
> Thank you for your reply!
> Today, I've dpkg-reconfigured mdadm. It had all md-devices listed as
> necessary for root, and so I changed it so that only md0 (where root is)
> is listed as necessary. This for some reason got rid of the message
> saying that swap (md1) was busy. But md0 and md2 are still not unmounted.
> I've been trying to find the shutdown log, but I've failed. Is it
> supposed to be in wtmp? If so, how do I read it -- it's binary.
> The end of the shutdown messages are displayed so fast and then blanked
> out so that I have no time to see them all. I finally managed to catch a
> few of them with my camera (!), and this is what is said, among other
> things:
> * It can't create the /etc/mtab log file
> * It can't create the /lib/init/rw/.mdadm directory
> Both are because the file system is read-only, but I do not know if they
> are normal messages or related to my issue somehow.
> The rest is only a repetition of "md0 still in use", etc.
> If someone can instruct me in how to log the shutdown properly I'll post
> the log here to see if anyone can help.
> Thanks for helping!
> /landhaj
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Check the file /var/log/messages, searching for the word 'shutdown' and
see if there's anything there that's helpful.

Otherwise, I have no other suggestions for you.


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