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Re: PS/2 - USB Adaptor for keyboard

> Agreed, there are no electronics, however AFAIK USB and PS/2 are
> different protocols - so they cannot be just swapped by using an
> adapter. (PS/2 and AT could). There is a trick that USB mice's detects
> where-im-plugged-into and adjusts protocol/wiring. With PS/2->USB its
> worse, as PS/2 devices aren't generally made to adjust protocol and
> switch to USB.

But these things are advertised as enabling one to do exactly what I
want - to use a PS/2 keyboard on a system without a PS/2 port.

Well, usually it's said under with little letters, that you need
hardware that supports it. PS/2 have really simple interface - it has
CLOCK and DATA pins, however USB is more advanced and don't have
CLOCK, just two kinds of DATA, naturally CLOCK isn't in USB spec so no
PC motherboard should support anything like that. (see links)

Mhm, googling a bit showed that there are actually 2 types of those
adapters. One that is just plain re-wiring of PS2 to USB, hoping that
device will support USB, another seems to actually have electronics
inside, and actually doing conversion of signals. I would say that it
should work for you (although no guarantees ;)



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