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Re: PS/2 - USB Adaptor for keyboard

> > isn't recognized by MS Windows either. Does anyone know anything about
> > these things? Do they only work with certain types of keyboards? Do I
> > need to configure anything in software? Should I suspect that mine is
> > defective?
> Correct; there are no electronics in the PS2->USB adapter.  A few
> years back, a PS2 adapter often was included with a USB mouse.

Agreed, there are no electronics, however AFAIK USB and PS/2 are
different protocols - so they cannot be just swapped by using an
adapter. (PS/2 and AT could). There is a trick that USB mice's detects
where-im-plugged-into and adjusts protocol/wiring. With PS/2->USB its
worse, as PS/2 devices aren't generally made to adjust protocol and
switch to USB.

I could try that, but I have a specific PS/2 keyboard that I'd like to
get working (it has foreign language characters printed on the keys in
addition to the english ones, and similar USB models that I saw are

Well, i guess you just need to buy the USB keyboard that fits for
you.. There are sticky transparent characters available for lot of
languages, and they can easilly be sticked to any keyboard (however i
agree, characters that are printed on keyboard lasts almost


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