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How to best use the list?

I have done a bit of posting here during my attempt to get sarge
running smoothly, and my experience has shown me that I need to learn
a bit on how best to use this list.

I use WinXP and Gmail to communictate to the list (still struggling
with debian on another box). I have been advised to reply to the list,
to bottom post removing irrelevant sections, and to use plain text
rather than HMTL. Seems reasonable.

I think I am using plain text now. Gmail allows either rich formatting or text.

What I don't know is how to reply to the list so that I don't create a
separate thread with each e-mail. If I use the "reply" button in
Gmail, the reply goes to the sender, and not to the list. It would be
infinitely better for me to keep similar posts in a thread together,
and to reply to the list.

Anybody know how to do that in Gmail?

Dave Walker

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