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Re: Veritas Remote Unix Agent

Ed Curtis napisał(a):
I was wondering if anyone has had any luck getting the Veritas Remote Unix
Agent working under debian. So far my google searches have told me that it
is not supported in debian. Any work around ideas if that is the case?
It might be not supported, but it works for me (2 debian hosts, 1 fedora host). I use NetBackup4.5 on Windows with linux agents.
 I'm not trying to steal a thread here but I thought I would chime in
with my experiences. I have the same problem. I've been trying to
install it on Debian Woody for several months now and I can't get it to
work. beremote is running fine, I've had no errors, and I've made sure I
opened all the ports mentioned on Symantec's documentation site. I just
simply can't get it to communicate with our Win2003 Netbackup server.
It's seen in the Linux clients list but won't communicate at all.

It's seen as soon as you add it to the list, so it's not connected with communication.
The primary problem with NetBackup can be name resolution.
Check if you can resolve client's name on server (but the client name only, not FQDN!), and do the same (but resolve server's name of course) on the client. That's the most usual cause of errors here.

I don't understand how there could be that much difference between a
Debian and Red Hat distro where it could work perfectly from the RH box
and not work on a Debian box unless running alien on the .rpm file to
convert them to .deb files screws with them somehow.

I always installed from the self-installing executables, not from rpms, since they're rh-specific. And, you might want to download updated version, because older versions of NB agents tend to have problems with new glibc.

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