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Re: how to send files from a pc to my home server and viceversa

Jordi wrote:
Hi again.

Now I have a folder that can be seen in XP and I can place files
there, or from Xubuntu, so I can share files and send files from one
to the other.

A question more: I think this is the fastest way now to share. Is this
as secure as SCP ?

No, as Roberto says. There are a number of network services which can
never be made really secure, and are only suitable for use within a
network which is kept secure from outside intrusion. SMB is one of
these, like NFS which is the nearest Unix equivalent. SMB can be made
more secure by permissions and password protection, but should never
be exposed to the Internet. SCP or SFTP are the only real options for
file transfer over the Internet, unless a VPN tunnel is created to
pass SMB or NFS fairly safely.

Always, security and convenience are at opposite ends of a spectrum.
SMB is easy and convenient to use, and has poor security. The latest
Windows version of SMB is much more secure, but even in a Windows
network it is not convenient, and some of the security options are
often disabled in exchange for useful speed. Windows 2003 can use
digital signatures to secure SMB, and split Microsoft Access
applications, among other things, are unusably slow with it enabled.

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