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Re: how to send files from a pc to my home server and viceversa

Hi again.

It took me some time but finally I did folder sharing between my
server and the windows pc with samba.
This is how I did:

1) I created a working group in XP as Joe said.
2) I rebooted the XP machine
3) I loaded the package list in Synaptic on Xubuntu, that was
4) go to the menu Applications/System/shared folders in Xubuntu and
selected the folder I created in my  /home/ to be shared. Xubuntu
installed samba automatically.
5) I set the same working group as in XP. I set permission to examine
the folder, and write inside it.
6) I set a password in the Terminal for my user with:
         sudo smbpasswd -a myuser
7) Rebooted both machines

Now I have a folder that can be seen in XP and I can place files
there, or from Xubuntu, so I can share files and send files from one
to the other.

A question more: I think this is the fastest way now to share. Is this
as secure as SCP ?

If it is, maybe is the best solution for me, as I have access to both
computers via my keyboard-mouse-monitor switch.

And last question:
I used cronjob to make backups of my web and databases. I think I will
add more cronjobs or modify the existing to copy the backups to this
shared folder, or maybe a shell script would be better, executed by
hand. So I can do a copy on cd sometimes with the XP computer and
don't waste the server burning disks.
What do you think of this? Would be secure and good idea?

So long, many thanks.


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