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Re: 2.6.20 and IP_CONNTRACK_FTP (Success)

Got 2.6.20 running, connected. fine.

Did this on advice of posters here:
1. Delete network (netfilter, iptables stuff) from .config.
2. Do make, answer questions.
3. I realized I still had no conntrack stuff so ran make menuconfig and 
selected these module.
4. Compiled.

It boots up fine. Ip_conntrack-ftp is not used, apparently, and the main 
conntrack stuff is running instead.

Rebuilt the nvidia graphics driver, realtime-lsm, kqemu. Just fine.
Squashfs and Unionfs will not compile but this seems to happend with each new 
kernel version so wait. Not using at present anyway. Have them on 2.6.18 in 
any event.

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