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Re: OT: sponge burning!

On Mon, Feb 26, 2007 at 12:41:24PM -0800, Paul Johnson wrote:
> Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> >> Wouldn't this all be much more easily and quickly accomplished if we made
> >> the children of politicians automatic first round draft picks regardless
> >> of situation, or make the draft only apply to politician's children?
> >> 
> >> 
> > 
> > in that same vein, I think us congressional representatives should be
> > paid the mean income for their district
> AFAICT, they are.  The problem is what comes in under the table...

we already went throught the mean/median thing so, 

median household income in my district $43,2xx
congress-critter income		       $165,200

even more significant. those folks at that median income are living on
the edge. at $165k here you could live like a king, really. 


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