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Re: question about dns server at home

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On 02/28/07 07:31, Jordi wrote:
> Hello.
> I would like to ask questions about DNS servers:
> 1) What is needed to host my own domain name at home? Do I need 2
> static public ip? Or just one?

You only *need* one.  More are nice.

You'd have to find a DNS service that would be your backup, though.

>                                 If I need 2, do I need 2 dsl
> connections?

DSL does not have any relevance to the number of IP addresses you
can have.

> 2) Does it consume many resources? Is the access to my web server
> faster or slower if I host my domain name in it than having others
> doing it?
> Resume:  is hosting my domain name a good idea? Or just simply stupid?

Neither good nor stupid.  A vanity, but a harmless one that every
geek on this list will understand.

Remember, though, that getting static IP addresses means that
(unless you're dealing with a small ISP) you'll need "business"
service from your ISP, which is more expensive than consumer service.

Having your domain hosted somewhere else will probably cost just as
much as would having your own static addresses, and much more reliable.

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