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Re: question about dns server at home

On Wed 2007-02-28 05:31:53 -0800 Jordi wrote:

> I would like to ask questions about DNS servers:
> 1) What is needed to host my own domain name at home? Do I need 2
> static public ip? Or just one? If I need 2, do I need 2 dsl
> connections?

Generally, you need two static IPs and preferably on two independent

> 2) Does it consume many resources? Is the access to my web server
> faster or slower if I host my domain name in it than having others
> doing it?

I use bind9 on my internal network and it uses just 3 or 4 MB memory
and almost nothing on the CPU.  There are some alternatives that I
understand are even lighter on memory but I can't recall the names
off-hand.  Searching through the apt archive 'apt-cache search dns'
should give you something.

It shouldn't make any difference to the speed of access to your
web server.
> Resume:  is hosting my domain name a good idea? Or just simply stupid?

I host the external part of my domain at zoneedit.com and haven't
bothered to set up my own servers.  I may do so at some point as I
do have access to 4 fixed IPs on 2 indepenent networks but there is
certainly no pressing need.

As to whether it's worth setting them up for yourself only you
can answer.  If you want to learn and can afford one or two mistakes
then why not?  If you want a simple life just use one of the free or
commercial providers - google will bring up plenty.  Also, you may
find that your domain registrar will include basic dns within the
registration fee.

David Hart <debian@tonix.org>

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