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Re: question about dns server at home

Jordi napisał(a):

I would like to ask questions about DNS servers:

1) What is needed to host my own domain name at home? Do I need 2
static public ip? Or just one? If I need 2, do I need 2 dsl

The absolute minimum is to have 1 static IP to host a DNS zone. But, most registrars won't register your zone if you don't have two DNS servers. It's a matter of good practice to have two servers preferably in different networks (so if one network is down, your whole DNS zone doesn't vanish).

2) Does it consume many resources?

DNS server hosting one zone only? Depends on the frequency of querying. But sohouldn't be very much.

Is the access to my web server
faster or slower if I host my domain name in it than having others
doing it?

Shouldn't be much of a difference. Can make a difference only in the first step of the process of connecting, when client resolves the name to IP. All further activity is done without this step, so it shouldn't matter much.

Resume:  is hosting my domain name a good idea? Or just simply stupid?

Depends on what you need.
Hosting your own zone by yourself gives you more ease when you want to change anything within the zone. But needs more resources than simply leaving it to third-party. BTW, good providers can often set up a secondary name server for your zone on their servers, so you actualy need only one server.

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