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Re: a dumb query? pls humor me

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On 02/28/07 07:27, Freddy Freeloader wrote:
> Mitja Podreka wrote:
>> Ron Johnson wrote:
>>> On 02/25/07 12:41, Paul Johnson wrote:
>>>> Joe Hart wrote:
>>>>> It's not much better anywhere in Europe.  That's why most people drive
>>>>> small cars.
>>>> That's why I drive a small car and why small cars are popular in the
>>>> non-retarded segment of the American population as well.  :o)
>>> /In a Yugo/, sung to The King's /In The Ghetto/.
>> I made a driver's licence in a Yugo :-)
>> Small cars are now (and also that time to be fair) far far better than
>> Yugo. For example: Volkswagen Polo with a diesel engine can on the
>> open road make 79 miles with one gallon of diesel. It can comfortably
>> run at speeds which are within the speed limits and is probably as
>> safe as Hummer and similar monsters.


    All else being equal, you're safer traveling in a passenger
    vehicle that's larger and heavier than in one that's smaller
    and lighter.

>> Big cars like that are generally made for big egos. Those who need a

Big "cars" are made for people who want to sit higher and thus see
farther, thus enhancing their safety.

>> big car will for sure not buy Hummer.
> Ummmm....  Have a head-on crash with a Hummer, or 3/4 ton 4-wheel drive
> pickup and see who survives....
> Also, this idea that having a large vehicle is all related to ego is
> pure bull.  I know of lots of people who drive small cars that drive
> them for ego purposes....  There are a lot of small cars around that
> guys have hot-rodded, i.e. added turbo's, exhaust systems, performance
> chips, suspension kits, etc....  That's ego driven in young guys and
> they are small cars, Honda's, Mazda's, Toyota's, etc....

Rice burners.

> The size of the car has nothing to do with the size of the ego of the
> person driving it....  If there were a link between the two there would
> be no high-end Audi's, BMW's, Lexus's, Porche's, Infinity's, etc.... 
> Even VW makes a high end small car that requires ego on the part of the
> buyer or they wouldn't shell out the kind of money VW is asking for it.

And lets not forget the people driving Priuses for "look at me, I'm
so green" ego purposes.

> I'm simply amazed at the amount of what seems to be brainwashing on the
> socialist side of the political spectrum.  Many people by large vehicles
> simply for the safety aspects of having a large vehicle, as the mass of
> the vehicle assures that in a wreck with another vehicle you have a
> greater chance of surviving or coming out of the wreck with fewer injuries.

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