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Ethernet card Marvell


I have a Marvell Ethernet card (on motherboard) model 88E8053.
It is not recognized by Etch (however the CD I tried to install from 
is rather old +- 1 year).
(note: under Fedora 6 it is recognized and works fine with driver sky2)

What is the current situation / support about Marvell 88E8053 under 
Etch ?
As my Etch CD is rather old do I need to burn a new one ?
If so where can I check which hardware is supported in .iso Etch to avoid 
unecessary download ?
Do I need to make some 'home-computing' like download driver and/or 
source (via a supported Ethernet card) card  to build my own module..etc.. ?

Thanks for any clue and information.

Bruno Costacurta
PGP key : http://www.costacurta.org/keys/bruno_costacurta_pgp_key.html
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